Alpine Currant - for hedges –

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Alpine Currant - for hedges

Alpine Currant - for hedges

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Features and Where to use
The Alpine Currant makes a great deciduous hedge, especially in harsh conditions. It keeps leaves to the base of the plant and does get a few black/dark red berries in late summer.
For hedges 18-48" tall and 18-24" wide.

Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - Good in winter temperatures that dip up to -40C.  Sizing - Great thing about Alpine Currant is it responds well to trimming so sizing boils down to what you would like ( minimum mature size of 18" tall). If unpruned it will get to be 5' tall and wide.  Location - Full sun to full shade! Yep, very adaptable plant which also goes for its wind tolerance and sustained performance in dry times.