Green Gem Boxwood - for hedges –

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Green Gem Boxwood - for hedges
Green Gem Boxwood - for hedges

Green Gem Boxwood - for hedges

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Features and Where to use
Green Gem is a full tight variety of the centuries old standard for adding formality to the garden. They can be used as stand alone globes/bushes or lined up together to make a geometrically pleasing hedge. Border your patio, sidewalk or the front of the house with these cute little buggers.
For hedges 12-24" tall and wide.
Growth Details
Cold hardiness - Withstands winter temperatures to -30C.  Sizing - It'll grow up to 2' tall and wide, but with trimming it will be just fine kept to 12" tall and wide.  Location - Full sun to 75% shade, so it's widely adaptable. Prefers garden shelter but will thrive in windy locations as well. Do keep a few feet away from sidewalks if you use lots of salt in winter.