Pinoccheo Hornbeam - for hedges –

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Pinoccheo Hornbeam - for hedges
Pinoccheo Hornbeam - for hedges

Pinoccheo Hornbeam - for hedges

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Features and Where to use
Ok, if you are reading the description of this plant then you just might be one of those people that likes to get a plant here and there because it's a conversation piece or your kid likes the name. Well Pinocchio is great for that, and as we saw in the movie he got the lie out of his system decades ago, so you can trust him! Other than Hedging/screening you could use it as a pair for either side of the front of the house or walkway too.
For hedges 96" tall.
Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - This wooden boy with the growing nose can survive temperatures down to -34C.  Sizing - In the realm of trees it is slow to medium in its growth rate, and after 10 years this one should grow to be about 15 feet high and 6' wide. But since it's in the hedging category it can be kept much tighter with a yearly prune.  Location - Full sun to half shade, can tolerate wind, after established watering in summer only.