Seiryu Japanese Maple –

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Seiryu Japanese Maple
Seiryu Japanese Maple

Seiryu Japanese Maple

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Acer Palmatum 'Seiryu'
Features and Where to use
Seiryu is a taller light touch to the garden, it has uniquely dissected green leaves on vase shape growth habit. This is one for beside the patio to enjoy the gentle and artistic feel of it. The Combination of orange and red fall colour is also something to appreciate.
Growth Details
Cold hardiness - Good for winters down to -30C. 
Sizing - This unique Japanese maple will get to be approximately 10' tall and 6-8' in 20 years, prune one every year or two to keep it smaller. 
Location - 25% shade to 75% shade, plant in protected areas like a backyard or the front of a house that is sheltered from the southwest heat and wind.