FAQ – Field2home.com

Delivery from Niagara to Toronto, Brantford to Kitchener/Waterloo, and everything in between.


Q - You might ask yourself, why buy from this website?
A - Order from home, while sitting at your device of choice where you can calmly do your research and make a decision. 

We will deliver your plants right to your house.  You won't have to figure out how to get your plants into your car while keeping it clean and not breaking any branches.

We are a local, family owned company based out of the Niagara area in Southern Ontario.  We ship our plants using our own trucks.

Q - Why order the plant online when I can pick it up at a garden center
A - No need to fire up your vehicle, rustle around with blankets or garbage bags. Sit back and we’ll get it to you.

Q - How about when I’m having trouble deciding what will go well together or if the area I’m thinking of is right for the plant?
A - First check through our descriptions, some answers are in there, email our GardenMentor@field2home.com if you’d like to have a question answered. We at Field 2 Home are plant people too. We have decades of experience in the industry and are connected to an extensive line of inventory.

Q - What if I have no idea what this plant will look like when I get it, especially if it is out of flower season?
A - Ask us for a picture of your plant in current condition to bring clarity to your purchase. Field 2 Home aims to please. We have honesty, quality and good advice in all we do and recommend.

Q - How will my plants arrive? In a box? Damaged?
A - Rest assured. Field 2 Home delivers to your home, business or project with OUR vehicles. Handled with care, right to your door, like you asked and like we promised.

Q - I am looking for a plant that I don’t see on your sight, do you have other items available?
A - Definitely, after placing an order for our online items, send us an email referencing your order # and we’ll quote you on those extra items