Rose Glow Barberry –

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Rose Glow Barberry
Rose Glow Barberry

Rose Glow Barberry

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Features and Where to use
Like it's name implies, the new growth glows with a rose colour from a distance. That is due to its mottle white and pink leaves as it pushes out its spring shoots. It's tough, reliable, colourful and can be used in many ways. It is a barberry so it does have thorns, so plant it away from high traffic areas.
Growth Details
Cold hardiness - It is hardy for winter temperatures down to -34C.  Sizing - Rose Glow can get to the 3.5-4' range for height and width at maturity (6-8years) and Adequate pruning will keep it in the 2' region.  Location - Full sun to half shade, wind is not a worry, benefits from some moisture in soil, but can tolerate dry summers.