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Leonard Messel Magnolia
Leonard Messel Magnolia

Leonard Messel Magnolia

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Magnolia loebneri 'Leonard Messel'
Features and Where to use
Alright, sit in a chair that you actually like to sit down in for more than two minutes. Look around for a great sightline, a good sized window and see if there is a spot to plant this elegant and longed for plant. Purple-Pink flower buds open up to white and pink star-like flowers that cover almost the whole plant. The Magnolias are one of spring's hallmarks.
Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - Cold hardy down to -30C.  Sizing - This is a focal point large bush, small tree that will get to be 10' -12' tall and 8' after 20 years.  Location - Full sun to half shade, can take some wind but plant it in an area protected from harsh winter winds, moist and well drained soil is best.