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Eastern White Cedar
Eastern White Cedar
Eastern White Cedar

Eastern White Cedar

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Thuja occidentalis
Features and Where to use
If you've travelled in Northern Ontario, then you are probably familiar with this fabulous native evergreen.  You've seen these tough cedars growing in cracks in the rocks, fields and open areas, wet areas and swamps, hedges and forests.  In a forest setting it reaches for the sun, and can be bare on the bottom, but in sunnier spot it maintains fullness to the ground.  Great for a native hedge, especially if you have a bit of space for it to flare out.  And, fun fact, it's average lifespan is 200 years!!  Along the Niagara Escarpment 700+ year old Eastern White Cedars have been found!
Growth Details
Cold hardiness - Zone 2-7  
Sizing - 40-50 feet tall and 12-16 feet wide, pyramidal in shape.
Location - Full sun to part shade, can tolerate wind.  Moist soil is best, can tolerate a variety of soil types (but doesn't like road salt!)