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Eastern White Pine
Eastern White Pine
Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine

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Pinus strobus
Features and Where to use
Eastern White Pine is Ontario's provincial tree.
Eastern White Pines are vital to our native Ontario forests, and they can look great in your yard too.  They provide food sources and shelter to many birds and small mammals. This is a big tree, so you'll want to plant it somewhere that it can grow into the space and it will provide you desirable shade and privacy. Soft, light green needles grow in bunches of 5.  Produces 6-12cm pine cones.
Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - Zone 3
Sizing - Grows to about 20 meters tall, upwards to 40 meters tall in it's favourite Canadian forests.
Location - Full sun to part shade.  Tall trees reach for (and need) the sun.  While they can withstand wind, they can be come lopsided (these distorted pines are often center pieces in Canadian landscape artwork).  Needs well drained soil.