Black Lace® Elderberry - PW –

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Black Lace® Elderberry - PW
Black Lace® Elderberry - PW

Black Lace® Elderberry - PW

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Sambucus nigra 'Eva'
Features and Where to use
The flower to leaf contrast on this shrub is absolutely stunning!  Intensely dark purple-black deeply-cut lacey leaves are topped in early Spring with wide tea-plate-sized clusters of tiny light pink flowers (that form dark berries if a suitable pollinator is close by).  Phew, some elements of beauty are very hard to put into words!  You should look at the pictures to see for yourself, or better yet put one in your garden!  Best placed near the back of your garden or on the perimeter of your property because it does get pretty big.
Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - Black Lace® will survive in temps down to -28C (zone 5). 
Sizing - This is a big shrub, maturing at 6-8' tall and wide.
Location - Full sun (6+ hours of sun per day, for best flowering and leaf colour) to 25% shade (4-6 hours of sun per day).