Crimson Queen Japanese Maple –

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Crimson Queen Japanese Maple
Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

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Features and Where to use
Hey, are you looking for colour, texture, elegance, and a plant that is just simply sweet to look at, here is the one. Put it in the shopping cart and let's get one over to you! Sorry don't mean to be pushy but you'll like this plant, they are steadily sought after for the reasons mentioned above. Be sure to give it good soil and a grade where it won't sit wet.
Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - Survives down to -30C.  Sizing - in 20 years 5' tall and wide should be the biggest this lady will get, but could be a little bigger in gardens with deep topsoil.  Location - Full sun to 75% shade (leaves will be less red in shade), plant in areas protected from wind, It does best in the middle of the road for moisture, basically in summer give a deep watering every week or two.