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Dawyck Purple Columnar Beech
Dawyck Purple Columnar Beech

Dawyck Purple Columnar Beech

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Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck Purple'
Features and Where to use
This tree is a very stately looking individual, and when lined in rows it appears like disciplined soldiers guarding the entrance to your home. Dawyck Purple has glossy burgundy leaves and it grows much taller than it does wide.
Growth Details
Cold hardiness - Good to -34C. 
Sizing - At Maturity in 20 years this tree will grow to be 30' tall by 8' wide. Timely pruning will keep it growing at a slower and tidier pace. 
Location - Full sun to half shade, does fine in the wind, snow loads can bend the branching so keep it a few feet away from where the snow tumbles off your roof, a bit moist-dry soils, water in summer.