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European Beech
European Beech
European Beech

European Beech

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Fagus Sylvatica
Features and Where to use
The European Beech is a time tested true to please tree. It has more recently been used for hedging on medium to larger lots in sun or shade. Simply plant them approx 24-36" apart, watch them grow and once a year in summer prune back any branches sticking out too far for what you are hoping to achieve. The leaves are a glossy light green colour.
 For hedges 60-120" tall.  You can also let it grow as a stand-alone tree.  After the leaves have browned in the fall, they hold on to them, especially near the center of the tree, so it gives some privacy all year long.
Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - Good to -34C.  Sizing - It can be a medium sized tree naturally (grows slow) or kept tight and dense making it great for hedging.  Location - Full Sun to Full Shade (sweet! Use it anywhere), Windy is fine but it will thrive in protected areas, a bit moist to dry soils are good, water in summer.