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Magic Carpet Spirea
Magic Carpet Spirea

Magic Carpet Spirea

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Spirea Japonica 'Magic Carpet'
Features and Where to use
Need a colourful plant that is easy to keep around, then here put in a Magic Carpet or 3 or 5! The new shoots are red and as the leaves age they turn to yellow, so basically a yellow/orange/red coloured plant for spring-summer-fall. Stays low enough so it'll never affect a window or sitting area, and it does get little pink flowers in the summer too.
Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - Hardy in temperatures down to -40C. 
Sizing - Taller than wide, approximately 2' by 2.5'.
Location - Full sun to half shade, Very wind tolerant, they are great along the patio, out front of the house, even in a planter.