Magical Gold Forsythia –

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Magical Gold Forsythia
Magical Gold Forsythia

Magical Gold Forsythia

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Forsythia intermedia 'Kolgold'
Features and Where to use
The Magical Gold Forsythia has a lot of yellow flowers in early spring. It blooms before the leaves come out so that makes it a noticeable performer saying 'Spring is here for real now!'. For you garden buffs, it grows more compact and flowers on new wood as well making it an improvement on the older varieties.
Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - Good to down to -34C. 
Sizing - Magical gold will grow up to be about 4' tall and wide, prune after flowering and again in July if it is bigger than you like (but no later than that!) to keep in the 2-3' size.  Location - Full sun to half shade, wind no problem, moist soil or dry soil are both ok.