Ruby Falls Redbud –

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Ruby Falls Redbud
Ruby Falls Redbud
Ruby Falls Redbud

Ruby Falls Redbud

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Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls'
Features and Where to use
Ruby Falls, as it's name suggests, has arching branches which host purple-pink flowers in spring before the leaves emerge. Once the flowers fall (you'll love the purple carpet below the tree), intense ruby and green toned heart-shaped leaves appear soon after.  In fall these leaves turn a variety of shades of red, pink and orange.  Lots of seasonal interest with this special little tree!  It does need a porous soil to grow in so don't try to stuff it in clay, a little work preparing a spot for these is worth it.
Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - This ornamental tree is good for temperatures down to -25C (Zone 5b).  Sizing - 6-8' tall and 5-6' wide. 
Location - 25% shade to 75% shade, so not full sun, it likes protection from harsh winds, doesn't like wet feet.