Silverleaf Dogwood –

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Silverleaf Dogwood
Silverleaf Dogwood

Silverleaf Dogwood

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Cornus alba 'Elegantissima'
Features and Where to use
This girl has been around for a while, and it won't stop being a desired plant. In the winter it has intensely red stems then in spring it gives way to light green leaves with a distinct white edge to add a unique colouration to the garden at any time of the year. Tough and resilient, it benefits from being pruned back partway at the end of the winter to ensure a vibrant flush of new growth in spring. It's best suited up against the house or as a background garden plant.
Growth Details
Cold Hardiness - Resilient down to -40C. 
Sizing - This plant achieves a maximum of 6' in height and 4' width if left to its own devices. Yearly trimming will keep this plant looking good in the range of 3.5-4.5' height.  Location - Full sun to 75% shade (less colourful in shade), bring on the wind, and it is just fine with dry or wet soils.