Thin Man® Cedar –

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Thin Man® Cedar
Thin Man® Cedar

Thin Man® Cedar

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Thuja Occidentalis 'SMTOTM'
Features and Where to use
Fast growing like American Pillar®!  Thin Man® Arborvitae, by Local Roots®, is the even skinnier of the two brothers, who both share the nickname "Full Speed a Hedge".  Don't waste time or sacrifice yard square footage in your pursuit to gain privacy, put this guy to work in your yard!
Bonus, Thin Man® also checks out in the good looks department, it's relatively thick foliage stays dark green all year round. 

Growth Details
Cold hardiness - to -34C in protected areas. 
Sizing - Mature height of 12-15' and width of 3-4'. 
Location - Full sun to half shade, can tolerate wind, regular watering in summer will get the best out of this hedging plant.